About Together We Are More

Since 1993, Power Rangers has been exciting and delighting generations of fans. What was once regarded as simple “violent children’s television” has prevailed with a deeper, important message; that Together, we are more.

No matter your color, age, creed, or background, everything is better when you work as a team. This message is at the core of Power Rangers, and it is the critical message fans have been inspired by and carried with them all their lives.

The culmination of this message has always been at the beloved biennial Power Morphicon Convention, which was unfortunately cancelled in 2020 due to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. With civil unrest and tensions rising, now more than ever is the message of the Power Rangers at the core of everything we do. Together, we will make the world a better place. See the stories of the Power Rangers Legacy, the fans, the fandom, the actors, and the making of Power Morphicon in this fan made documentary. Because together, we truly are more.

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